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Middlewares are functions to transform the request and response.

They can be added through spirit.node.adapter which will apply to every web request (and it's response):

const {adapter} = require("spirit")
const route = require("spirit-router")

const app = route.define(...) // define routes

const middlewares = [ ... ] // array of middlewares

http.createServer(adapter(app, middlewares))

They can also be applied to group of routes or routes through spirit-router.wrap:

const route = require("spirit-router")

const app = route.define([
  route.wrap(route.get("/"), [ ... ]) // middleware single route

route.wrap(app, [ ... ]) // middleware group of routes

Middlewares Flow Back

Common Middlewares

In our very first example in Getting Started we also included spirit-common as a middleware to adapter.

spirit-common provides many default middleware that most people will need

Express Middlewares

Most Express middleware can be used as-is in spirit through spirit-express library.

For example to use the passport:

... TODO

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